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Must See in Marbella's Old Town

The Old Town or “Casco Antiguo” of Marbella is a beautiful little haven hidden away from the bustling streets of the modern main street. As you enter the network of little alleys it is like entering a parallel world. The narrow, cobbled streets take you into the heart of the old town with evidence of centuries of history magnificently preserved, full of charm and tradition.

The white houses with their little wrought iron balconies with bright coloured flowers tumbling down from them create and undeniable Andalucian atmosphere. You can see the remains of the Muralla Arabe (the Arabic Wall), beautiful little squares, fountains, chapels and the popular Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación where many weddings and religious ceremonies take place.

There are also traditional shops selling souvenirs, clothes, handmade crafts and jewellery. There are also a variety of bars, cafés and restaurants including some fantastic traditional tapas bars which are bursting at the seams on weekends. For the younger visitors, there are a number of trendy bars open until the early hours of the morning popular with tourists and locals alike.

The narrow streets open out onto the famous Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Square). This beautiful Square is surrounded by traditional white houses and three historic buildings, the Casa Consistucional, La Casa del Corrigidor and the Ermita de Santiago. There is also a Tourist Information Office here.

In the centre, surrounded by orange trees, is the beautiful Renaissance fountain. The tables of the surrounding traditional restaurants spill out into the square, around the fountain and it becomes a very romantic place for a meal in the evenings where you can dine by candle light.