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Holiday Weather in Marbella

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Probably the most asked question when our customers book a vacation in Marbella outside the summer season, is "what's the weather like in April?". Of course, a difficult one to answer because the weather at that time of year can be a bit unpredictable.

In Southern Spain, a bit of rain at the end of Winter or early Spring is for many people a good thing, but not if you want to spend a few days away from the Northern European weather soaking up the Southernly Sun. Whilst not guaranteed, however, a bit of rain hardly ever lasts long and as soon as the clouds make way for a few rays of sun, you can feel the warmth. In fact, in many places along the Costa del Sol it is not uncommon to see people swimming in the sea as early as February.

Generally, the hottest months are June to September, whilst January is the coldest and November the wettest. For pretty much guaranteed sunshine and the warmest sea temperatures, August is the month but beware and bring plenty of high-factor sunscreen, have lunch on a shady terrace and drink lots of water.

Anyway, don't worry about the weather. Marbella is a beautiful place and you're certain to enjoy a great time in one of our beach-front Skol apartments, a stone's throw from Marbella's "old town" at any time of year. A beach holiday, a golf holiday or simply relax with a cocktail alongside our Skol pools, you name it, we'll sort it.